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Juan Manuel

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A friend of mine is about to buy a new freewheel and we were both wondering about some things.

In Argentina we have no option rather than shipping trials parts from abroad because there aren't any trials specific shop here.

We can get Echo, Zhi and some other brands parts "cheap" from some small dealers. If we wanted to get a Monty (for example) freewheel it wold be far more expensive (because we would have to order from some other dealer).

I have this two questions:

#1 Do you believe Echo freewhels are good compaired to others? Why? Is it worth spending in other freewheels?

#2 Are there so many diferences between echo TR and SL freewheels (exept from 72/108 engaging points)? Are they made out from different materials?

Thank you in advance,

Juan Manuel

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my try-all 108.9 skipped every now and then and my zhi is amazingly un even. As in in it tightnens an loosens the chain a lot on every rotation. My next freewheel without a doubt will be the echo sl or ti.

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I just have a poll opened in trial chat about this isue.

My Try-all after a year skip a lot with a big "CLAAAK!!" but when it was new skip a little bit to.

In the poll the best is the Echo SL.

I'll go for Echo SL this week end.

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