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Bionic B5R And Zhi Z3R


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right guys ive seen two frames i like the 2010 bionic b5r and the 2010 zhi z3r,the geos look good for me relly like the look of these frames.just wanted to know peoples opinions on the quality and durability of these to and if anybody has had any other problems with them manufacturing wise.or has anybody currently got one of these?there both the same geo from the spec sheet. gimme your input pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese would be much appreciated.

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are cool thanx for your opinion,yeh wrong section did realise but didnt know how to change or edit as im useless with these computer contraptions

Go on edit on the bottom rite, copy what you have put in this post, edit the title to delete,

then go to the rite section start a new topic and paste what you have wrote in this one :D

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