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Pedal Kick Help....


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I thought about putting this in the beginner section, but thought about it and I already know how a decent distance, I'm just at this plateau.

Here's the vid:

Pardon the quality, I made the resolution 360x480 and had no idea how shitty it would look blown up for vimeo, but you still get the idea. That was literally like a 2 minute editing job. Just snipped out what I needed, and moved on.

I can't seem to get past this 8 foot mark. I know tire pressure and/or a different tire would probably help with rebounding, and that a different bike (i.e. a dedicated trials bike) would help obviously, but there's no reason I shouldn't be progressing on what I'm on.

Also, this was just a really quick edit, I literally went outside, and filmed for 3 minutes. Those were my 1st things caught on film. I can usually go a LITTLE bit farther, but it's when warmed up and when I have some motivation. I just wanted to see where abouts it looks on film as I literally haven't filmed in years. It was also filmed because some asshats on Pinkbike didn't think you could gap 8 feet on 90psi, let alone on the KHE's and not pinchflat. Showed them, lol.

Any advice would be appreciated!!!!

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yea basically practice but the bikes not really the type of bike for gapping far distance's really well its not impossible but its no light weigh koxx or deng stuff ha but yea practice and you should get it, looks like you've still got room to preload when gapping?

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Yeah, the vids not good at showing the distance. But I'm right at 6foot tall, and the bike when standing up is like 5'10. I measured it and give or take an inch or so from where I take off, it's 8 feet.

I've just been at this distance for a year and it's frustrating. My ups have gotten much better, but this gapping seems to be where I am. I know gearing could probably help as gapping that distance on 25-18 isn't ideal, but it's what works for street riding with trials mixed in. but the technique is still there, I just need to know what to refine.

Thanks for the compliments and help thus far, looking forward to hearing more!

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Here's the vid using everything that was mentioned in the replies in this thread up to this point. Everything from moving to the edge, to adjusting my levers. I couldn't handle the adjusted levers, my hands kept slipping off, hence the long set-up times, I needed a better grip!

I gapped both ways, both from a legit standstill setting up to the edge, and my typical rollin. You can see I got the same distance. That gap is a little shorter at about 7 feet, and it slopes down. But again, I can't gap as far going down.

On the 2nd part of the videop, there's a grass gap between the two manholes, about 6 feet apart. The higher manhole is about a 12in height difference, but is kinda hard to make out. The last two spin things are just because I was getting bored.

Here's the vid:


No editing, pretty much all just hitting stop and go on the remote to record. So it's all pretty much back to back gapping.

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Dude use your body weight more, get your ass back over the back wheel and chuck it forwards, also when ye are in the air extend your legs forward to gain a little more distance.

and don't rush it so much.

I'm no gap king but this should help.

took the words out my mouth...

arse bk, sholders forward, one big pelvic thrust.

try on pallets 'sted of taking of from flat ground? taking of from an edge is so much different.

try taking of alittle side on. helps get an extra couple of inches?


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