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Hope Pro 2


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Hey there, I recently bought a DMR Rhythm from Ebay.

Obviously, because it was from Ebay I didn't really have much idea of what condition it would be in when I went to pick it up.

But anyhow, I bought it, only paid £180 and it's a pretty nice bike.

Just the Pro 2 on the rear sounds awfully quiet compared to the one on my mates 24uK, and my brothers Morewood.

I don't really have much clue why,

but I presume it's something to do with the amount of grease inside of the hub?

If i could remove a shit load of the grease and only cover it again with a very thin

layer of grease, or maybe oil?, then would it sound better/louder?



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it could be a std pro 2 rather than a pro 2 t...

Yeah, it is a standard MTB Pro 2, and I know that they're not quite as loud as the Trials edition model but they're still about twice as loud as mine is atm.

Finishline Wet lube.

But really any 'wet' type lube will be fine. Not: wd40/gt85, or the wax type dry lubes.

Alright mate, I'll go and order myself a bottle of that now, Cheers :turned:

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