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mister limelight

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hey there,

I ´ve filmed during koxxdays on sunday. Here´s my competition-video pt.1

(part 2 will be uploaded on sunday cause I don´t have Vimeo+. I will post it in this thread, too)

if you like the style of filming/editing you would like my dvd´s too. If you order one directly from me I will give away this koxxdays-vid on a bonus-dvd for free.

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Certainly the best footage iv'e seen of this event so far (Y) How huge was the rock where Gilles was standing in front of whilst clearing the ground 2 metres plus maybe. You gotta feel for G.D at 03:19-03:58 when he did most of the hard work at beginning only to then stack exiting that rock at the end of the section. His lungs must have been burning after all that effort.

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