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Here's my new Triton. Dunno if people will like it, but whatever it's custom.

No idea on weight as my friend's scales are bust, the frame came in at 1675g on mine (but only go upto 3kg). I could take another 1kg off with ease, but not planning to right now.

Real seat for real sitting


Rear drive.

Loads Ti & alloy.

20" tyres for weight reduction and less rolling resistance.

Only 1" higher than a Monty 221pr.


1008mm / 55mm+ / 72* / 71* / 365mm or about that. Was designed around 18/12 to be used without snail cams.

But change of heart at last minute so guessing the extra few mm of length there.

--------------------------------------edit 2012-------------------------------------------

Currently the same setup bar a few things. Slimmer seat, one23 BB (my crank brothers Ti shitted up), and custom cams.

18/12 ratio, so geo is back to 221

Trialtech fork

Monty Ti bar -- Viz stem + Ti bolts. 175x35 -- ODI Longneck lock ons short -- FSA Orbit MX

Odyssey Aitken pivotal -- DMR Clamp -- 27.2mm post fitting

One23 BB 113mm -- RS7 -- TNN 18t alloy 1piece -- now a 510HX chain -- Shimano DX

Pro2 28h -- Ti spokes + alloy nips -- Tryall rim -- Salsa Ti QR -- Maxxis DTH 2.25"

Profile 36h (with wobble now) -- DK double butted + alloy nips -- Eclat Bondi 36mm -- Animal 2.25" GLH-R

Custom Stainless snail cams. Courtesy of John Aylott. These are real hard, perfect shape for snail cam bolts, no messin.

Avid FR5s -- Odyssey Linears -- Avid BB7 -- Avid SD7 caliper -- Plaz CRVs -- Salsa Carbon -- Ti bolts (cable now through headtube)

Still rides a beast :-







Can see some Triton action in one of my previous edits. Not so much though unfortunately.

For some potential bonus points:

Triton bmx from about 2008

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The frame alone looks so stunning Nick, but there's something a little odd about the full build (in my opinion, and purely aesthetic!) Perhaps a slimmer seat and something at the front end might be it, I don't really know haha, just being a tart!

Does it ride as well as you'd hoped? Sweet hybrid kinda vibe going on with the 20"s

One day I will own a Triton 24"... :P

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Is that a bmx frame?

No, it's a custom made frame for Mr. Eskimo. It is neither bmx nor trials.

PS: This bike is sick. I wish I could try it out. May come to the UK another day... But damn, you guys have rear brakes on the left side. Bugger :(

It's good to be a frame manufacturer though. I can make one for myself :)

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whats the cost to the door on tritons these days ?

It looks awesomes by the way

I think it depends on what you order. I just ordered a 24" and I think it was like 660 for the frame alone and a bit extra for the rear disc guard.

Love this bike, looks kinda like the reeeeeally old monty steel frames! Like how different it is, sick of seeing long and low!

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Thanks! Thought this was gonna be a hating fest :P

It rides just like a Monty 221pr, but lighter and stiffer. More speed, better brakes and just 3mm of difference as stated above. The stem and bar would look better black, but shame you can't get the Viz in a matt finish. And the bars were a nice addition to the Ti colour.


Both cables can be switched over in seconds, so you're be welcome to come have a go.

What are them bars?


where did you get your booster from? I would like ono :P


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i saw triton as the title an got all excited thinkin it was a triumph engined norton framed moto-trials bike like a pre'65

i do like the half bmx half trials mix up a blend of the two sports would be nuts i.e. a street style skate parks with trials obstacles thrown in (similar to the red bull trials events years ago)

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I'm real surprised at all the positive comments, thanks all. :)

I like this particular stem for the length and steep angle, plus the Monty bars add a bit of height while being shorter so i'm stood up even more. I may run a pair of Try-all tyres if it hit natural for a long period of time, but can't see that happening right now. Though i would put another tyre inside of the Try-all anyway for some added protection.

Won't be any trials videos for a long time i'm afraid. Any footage will probably be self filmed, which for street can be a problem/ worry.

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