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Help Any Motor Bike Trialers About

lil pads

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Hi I am and fast improving trials rider and have had problems hitting my disks / rotors in sidehops :ermm: And am now trying to make a part to stop this. I had a look at a motor trials bike and saw a similar product and I am quite intressed in this but cannot see any around on any websites.

,Please could some one help me find a product like the one below

Thanks john


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Nothing about that you can adapt to fit on as far as I'm aware.

A guy who I've ridden with had a custom Ti frame manufactured by Triton, who added lugs to the chainstay with a custom made metal protector that bolts on.

Its protected him a few times, and the frame is awesome (custom geo, affordable for what it is, etc)

The only problem I can see is that hitting the protector could cause damage to the frame itself, I for one would rather bend rotors than frames.

Not much you can do to be fair, horses for causes really.

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