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Jamie Williams Onza Limey 320 Street Vid


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Absolutely top riding but the edit was naff!

Sounds like you've cranked the levels of the audio track way up in the edit (looks like vegas to me), so when you've rendered its all distorted on playback.

Its displaying with the horrible widescreen bars so the picture is really small, I can't see alot when the camera is composed in a wider shot.

And finally the track used does not fit your style of riding or the editing what so ever! Your such a smooth rider, use a more relaxed pace song and turn the audio levels down a bit so we can hear how smooth you ride. ;)

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loved your style, so flicky and effortless, gettin bigger everyvid. only bit that i dont like aobut your street, is the stupid little 'sidehops' i've said it before, you clearly can piss them, so hold them, insted of tapping then off, even if it was tucked then rolll foreward a bit then off, it would look ace insted of on and instantly off.

wish i could do that none the less lol

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