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Brakeless Because 24

Yorkshire Dale

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thats my last try :) sorry guys, im a tail!

Stem + Bars (N)

Other than than i want a go :D When you next riding dude?

Edit: why do you have a disc rotor on if your brakeless :P

whats wrong with bars and stem man? rides wicked! reason rotor is still on is cos im usin same bike for comps so will need brakes back on at some point.

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looks sweet man (Y)

whats the WB on that thing??

not measured it but its supposed to be 1035, might be 5 or 10mm longer

Get that rear tyre sorted out and you`ll be winning.

that tyre is wicked :) its amazing for pinch flats and ur gonna come up short when ur riding brakeless so it can only be a good thing :)

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