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Peoples Thoughts On The Diamondback Kabuki Mono


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I own one, it seems ok just got into trials so not to sure was all my budget at the time could stretch to, lol, after 2 weeks of owning it my rear hub went, so i had a new wheel belt: try-all rim, hope pro 2 hub, after that ive had no more problems with it, just after peoples thoughts on the bike really?

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I don't know how much the Kabuki Mono is,the specs look good.From what I see,you have 2 options in the price range of 500-600 if I'm not mistaking:the kabuki(around 500 pounds) or the ashton justice resolve(~539 pounds.If I were you,I'd go for the new onza zoot! The guys from tarty say they're amazed how good and cheap it is.Your choise!

Good luck!

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