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Just Wanted To Say Hi

hugo bashall

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Hi all, iv'e been looking around this forum quite alot since joining so I thought I would introduce myself as I have not got round to this yet. I am currently on my second trials bike. I have been into trials for quite some time now and hope I can gain knowledge for more experienced members here.

I have just turned 16, live in Cumbria. I usually ride Downhill and DJ but really looking forward to advance further in trials.

I am not the most experienced rider in trials only taking it up over a year ago, but I will try my best to help fellow members. Currently im riding an Onza T-bird.

I sometimes however I feel the bike holds me back from advancing further, but I make do with what i have.

Thanks for reading.


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My mistake just wanted to say hi.

Also just wondering, I find my friends bike (CZAR 07 MOD) much more suited to my riding style. Would it be worth getting a similar frame. Or would a stock suit me better due to being 6 foot?



Height is not important in choosing bike....Its just about what is most comfortable for you.Iam about 5,74 ft high.... Iam used to ride mod now i ride stock (iam in trials for about 6 months so..)Difference is (for me) mod:sidehops+;balance+;easier to move in tight places and small obstacles.

stock:pedalkick,gaping+;pedal up+(Still suck at pedal ups.... but before i had stock i wasnt even able to do it on mod....)Generally you can do bigger jumps on stock than on mod.But i think the size doesnt matter you can ride on both..... 99%rider1%bike but 99% are nothing without that 1% :lol:

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