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Mystery Parcel


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Today, at about 8:00 in the morning, I was awakened by my doorbell.

It was the postman, come to deliver a parcel, addressed to me.

It did not need signing for.

The parcel consisted of a triangular prism shaped box made from the box of a Hoover.. hoover.

The parcel was closed using a series of cable ties.

Inside the parcel, I found used Trialtech handlebars, and a used trialtech forged stem for a stock, both in black.

The bars are clearly used, there is wear on the finish at the clamping area, and a scuff over the left trialtech logo, around the T and over the R.

The stem has only slight wear where the top cap sits.

Now... after reading this post so far, you will be experiencing one of five possible reactions:

1) 'Ok, whatever' - if you don't really care about this post.

2) 'Haha, this sounds funny' - if you want to see the outcome of this post.

3) 'Hehehehehehe' - if on the slim chance this is genuinely a mystery gift, and you're the sender.

4) 'Oh shit, oh f**k, oh shit, oh f**k' - if you're the sender, and you realise that the address you put on the parcel is wrong.

5) 'Hey I just bought some of those' - if you're the intended recipient.

Feel free to add any comment if you're the mystery sender of reaction 3), or the distraught 4), or the irate 5), and further arrangements can be made!


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It's more than likely to be someone I've dealt with before.

I checked in the for sale section first, but no topics stick out.

It's likely to be either Ollie Histon, from who I bought some forks, or Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, from who I bought a bmx, i think.

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yeah this is f**ked up.... i bought the bars and stem from nickkkkk and they were taking to long he posted them nearly 2 weeks ago apparently,then he said there was a mistake at the post office and he had to go back and re write the address and re send them , ive been waiting since thursday last week and still nothing , ... even went down the depot today for some help but they cant help me as its a standard parcel with no tracking number

funnily i did ask you about wether nickkkkk was genuine and wether you got your bmx ... which you did .... have have this strange feeling that he may have opened an old message of yours regarding the bmx and used that address , so they have been sent to you !

this is weird im 100% sure they are mine ... lets see what nickkkkk says about this ... if he's made another mistake im gonna be well pissed , however if they are mine , thanks for your honesty revolver !!!

he will have to send you some money to cover the postage costa from you to me ....

how f**king weird hey!

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