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Middleburns, Bashrings


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Howdy, my left hand crank has been coming loose everytime I ride it so I'm constantly tightening it. My LBS told me it's simply new crank time. Currently they're Middleburns .I thought it would be cheaper to buy a pair of Trialtech Sport forged for the £50, also considering Tarty don't sell single Middleburns. I got them in the post today and took the Middleburns off but because I'm stupid I assumed the bashring would work with the Trialtechs. I haven't touched the Trialtechs so would it be best to return to Tarty?

Another option would be getting a new bashring, but I have a 22t and I can only find 18t ones?

Any advice?

Thanks muchly

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Either get them returned and try and source a new middleburn, get an Inspired bashring suitable for 23t sprockets or do what I'd do an just get a new bashring an sprocket, will only be bout £25-35 depending on what bashring you get.

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