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Breaking The Ice...


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Well, feels like an A.A meeting sort of introduction, but what the heck...

Im 25y.o. Actually not from around - i live in Israel. Been practicing trials for a few years now, but unfortunately never had the time to really get into it cuz of university.

Got a Planet X Jack Flash for trials. single speed setup with maguras. Decent trials rig, though im looking for a more trials specific frame now.

Also got a Mongoose Teocali Elite for AM riding, and a speedy Trek8000 for some XC.

Make my living as a photographer, mainly for the Israeli edition of MBAction magazine (and other boring stuff).

feel free to check out my site at

http://www.lior.dayan.org.il (in Hebrew, but simple enough for a monkey to browse through)

I imagine many people think of israel as a backwater country with no leisure time whatsoever, but you'd be surprised... the mountain biking scene here is un-f**king-believable. Tons or riding locations and trails, packed to the brim with top notch bikes on weekends. I doubt there are many places on earth with a higher "MTB per Person" ratio than here. The weather's pretty good for riding all year round, so it has really caught up here.

Unfortunately, the trials scene is still rather small. Though it has been rapidly growing in the past 2 years, we are still no more than 20 core riders. (small country, after all)

So, if any of you ever come around to our neck of the woods...

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welcome! awesome pictures on your site, some really good shots

Had to just kinda feel my way around by clicking any old thing, but it was good smile.gif

I agree, love that helicopter silhouette in the sky!

You'll have to get some pics of the trials riding in your area posted up on here, always interesting to see the standards in different countries!

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