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What A Lighter Bike


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What bike is it and what's the spec?

Cut head tube out , if its got a bash plate cut mounts off , cut hose guilds off , single wall your rims and drill bigger holes , drill bash ring , shave tyres then get lighter parts etcc

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its an ADAMANT A3 echo urban wheels echo cranks echo bars, forks and stem. getting monty tyres. bb5 front maggie rear. bout it i think.

i was going to try to single wall the rims, how do i go about doing that?

Single wall the front rim at least...change tubes to lightish ones ( think Tesco ). Cut a headtube slot and bash mounts are both do able with a grinder and file to neaten...then trim every other knobble off the monty's when you get them too :) Changing to try-all cranks will save you 100g too.

If you changed to say a t-pro frame that's 300g straight away...

Grinder to cut the inner wall out...then file the burs back, then a heavy sandpaper to finish ( 60-80 grit ).

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Single walling an echo urban rim is not that easy realy, I have single walled a rear one before, and the profile of them has 4 small walls between the sidewalls, meaning if you cur between the inner 2 you are only realy removing strip around 10-12mm wide, You would need to use a thick grinding disc to take out the 2 innner most walls so that you can take out a strip thats 20-25mm thick, so yeh, not realy very easy!!


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Onza pro diamond rims are soo light, are they any good cus they seems quite cheap and the lightest rims going nearly 200g lighter than my urbans :blink:

Massive weight saving to be had there.

Sorry feel im stealing your thread a bit. All reletive though :)

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