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Slippy Mono Trial


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Hi all,

I was practising tiny side hops up a ledge the other day and i missed it, which caught the banjo fitting and the bolt came loose so brake fluid went everywhere.

Sorted it out today, got it bled and cleaned the disc and pads up with some brake cleaner but its still a little slippy (not ridden it much) will it get better and bed in abit or will i need new pads?

Also if i do get new pads are there some decent ones to get?

Cheers Tom

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Try burning the pads out on the hob of a gas cooker or with a blow torch, then sanding them down, then bedding it in again.

It'd also be a good idea to scrub the rotor to try and get it clean.

I like the sound of that, im going out in abit so ill see how she handles, if it doesnt improve ill go for the blow torch option and sanding them.

Cheers for the advise guys (Y)

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i did this the other week... sanded my pads down, sanded my disk, and it took about a day to bed in again.

just be patient with it lol, i got really annoyed cause it kept slipping lol

It seemed to be fine today :turned: got better as the day went on, and i rode round with it on to heat it up then stuck it in the fountain, worked a treat (Y)

Ive got bigger issues now with blisters on my hands, might try some different bars in the future, got the onza carbon bars on there atm

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I have the exact same problem with my disk. I have tried everything. The only thing i didnt was heating the pads but i heated the disk. used engine degreaser, white spirit, water, mud, the lot and it still slips a bit. So i thought the only solution to be new rotor and pads. Peace of mind for £34?

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