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Stem Clickage :S


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Hey guys,

My stem : Trialtech race forged http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=10462&category_id=29

basically my stem keeps clicking and I think its to do with the bolts not tightened evenly. So is there a way to do them up evenly because i've tried many times now!

Or what other problemo could it be ??

Cheers, Luke :)

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is it clicking from the bar clamp or the steerer clamp?

if it's the bar clamp, doing the bolts up evenly is just half the idea, you also wanna make sure the front plate goes on flat and square, so tighten each bolt up finger tight (no allen key, just fingers) then tighten each bolt a half turn at a time by going across the plate

For example, start in the bottom left corner, tighten that, then top right, then bottom right, then top left.

Stops you wrenching it tight on one side then trying to force it down the other side aswell.

really tighten the bolts and ride it again, see if it still clicks.

Dead basic stuff which you probably knew already. But in case you didn't, there you have it :)

...As for steerer clamp, do you have a good amount of steerer tube inside the stem or are you clamping onto a stubby little bit? Ideally you want the whole clamp area filled or at least about 75%, otherwise the top clamp is totally useless and your stem is held on with just one bolt.

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