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Stolen Curtis


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A few of you had been grand giving me tips for my soon-to-be 24", others had generally been getting me well excited about taking the reigns (bars) once more and losing my imaginary but very possible beer gut.

And then...

My bike gets stolen from my building's lockup along with 4 others. I know there aren't that many people on here from the South Manchester / Stockport ish area but it could be in flippin' Cambodia by now for all I know.

Please keep a look out:




Sorry that's the best I've got.

Also I am now a massive begging charity case because I really want my new bike to get built so I can make the most of this ace weather! I was going to take all the little crappy parts like BBs, wheel skewers, stem caps etc from my Curtis which, now gone, will probably set back my build by about 1-2 months due to my crappy wage. If anyone can donate anything useful I'd be supremely grateful and will happily return the favour with Mars bars or Waitrose White chocolate and Cranberry cookies.

Thanks guys!


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Would a set of MAD disk forks in BRIGHT red be any good to you? No v or 4 bolt mounts at all though.

Please bear in mind, I would be slow posting it out as its good ol exam time!!

Hey thanks so much for the offer matey but forks are one of those things I'm going to invest in brand new. Good luck with the ol' exams! I miss exams.


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