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Inspired Bar & Stem Suggestions..

Paul - bedfordtrials

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I've recently bought a 2nd hand Inspired Fourplay and wanting to change the bar & stem setup for something slightly streetier (i.e easier to manual) It came with Simtra stem (unsure on geo but its fairly long) with trialtech bars.

I dont want to comprimise the trialsyness of the bike too much but just want something a bit shorter for manuals & spins, etc.

Please could people list their suggestions on what I should be looking for as I've recently going bck into riding and have limited knowledge of the 24" parts market.

Also, whilst i'm here, what maggie rear booster would people reccommend for the fourplay too??

Thanks in advance,


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100 degree by 12 Syncro stem

DMR Wingbars

Both cheap as f**k on CRC perfect manuals, took a few inches off my sidehops but made it perfect for manuals spins and hops (Y)



£46 for a bar and stem combo, not bad

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I'm running a raceface 110mm*10degree and some 3" rise gusset prison bars (Which are more like 2.5" rise really)

But think I have compromised on trialsyness quite a bit. They're jump bars really, not v wide, but sweet for street

I'm about 6 foot tall or just under so needed the 110 stem, probably depends a bit on how lanky your legs are :)

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This stem:


These bars:


Or these bars:


I've got them on my Inspired and they feel awesome. Really nice for bunnyhop 360s and manuals to 180. Definitely help out for spins, more so than longer, lower stems do. Ali's running one on his 26" Inspired too and has been getting up to a bit more trialsy stuff too so they don't kill the TGS side of things off too badly (Y)

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15mm of stackers, 90mm x 10 degree stem and 50mm rise bars for me on my Inspired. Feels great for bunnyhops, long enough for trials - i think 110mm is too long. I had a 105mm stem before and i didn't like it. I'd suggest a bit more rise than i've got for the ultimate set-up.

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