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Making Leather Grips

Steve <TrialsRide.com>

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Hi guys,

This might be interesting to someone...

Made some leather grips the other day, I have been quite liking them so did a little 'instructable thing' on it.

Check it out here: www.instructables.com/id/Leather-Mountain-Bike-Grips/.

It's in a little contest thing, so if you're feeling kind vote for it :P

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LOL. Interesting fart related antics. The grip looks good to me because it feels good to my hand. The ringlets are not all perfectly even, as they could have been, because the slight regularities make it grippy and add a touch more give.

DannyBazz - noting particularly wrong with rubber, but the ones I had stained my hands black every ride - that was just the ones I had, does no one else get that?

They were also loads more sweaty-slippy - again that could just be my weird paws.

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Long time no see dude!

Those grips do look pretty interesting. Not sure you could make them thin enough for my weird needs...

Were you previous rubber grips a 'mushroom' type grip or a 'normal' type? Seems like the mushroom ones tend to make people's hands go black faster. Other than that though, foam grips are pretty beasty in terms of stopping you getting slippy grips when they get sweaty.

Good luck with the comp (Y)

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