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Koxx Karbon Riding.

Ross McArthur

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More dumb and dumber soundtrack? Nice video!


I had origionally downloaded the album just for that song and ended up using others for the Belfast roadtrip video :giggle:

Hopping up onto a chrome post! :o no thanks! Round here they're polished up so much that you can actually watch your reflection as you fall to your death.

mint lines mint vid (Y)

They are polished here too! Davie the security guard lifts his kilt and spins on them for 5 minutes a day. I fell once, Ben Travis seen my ars cheeks clench from 10 meters away.

YOU SEXY SEXY MAN! Thats the shit right there, some of them lines are epic, could watch you all day.

finally a rider for tnn whos not brakeless (Y)

Haha, funny comment, just remember though, im hardly good enough to type his name let alone be his team mate but TRA rides for TNN.

Good video son. Love the shot of you doin that drop onto the road, reminds me of the Galsgow street riders video with the tensile crank snap, ye good old days.

I still have the scar on my calf! I remember it well, Silver Ashton, nae helmet and sunglasses ahhh.

Cheers for filming James, bet your glad I do everything first time eh?

Your like a fine wine you get better with age. Drop to skinny was as good as your shorts!!!!

I'm thinking once your on your new high BB frame you'll be even better.

Let me inform everyone who has mentioned the shorts or even thought W-T-F, it's my football kit! I wasnt planning to ride that evening but had a boner for it after watching something or other earlier that day. lol

Cheers Le.

Ross Ross Ross...what are you wearing! Its not a peep show! I swear I saw one of your hairy Scottish balls hanging out.... :mellow:

The riding on the other hand was awesome! You are nailing the drop to manuels esp from the post :huh:

Enjoyed that mate.

I shave my balls Lewis, must have been a baby Haggis hiding in my pants again.

Ridiculously good ! Hope to see a high resolution video soon to showcase your impressive style. For a UCI comp frame , the K.K is so playful - it really inspires streety riding ( though not to your level of competence . )

Oh how I long for a HD DSLR like Adam and TRAs etc.. One day, one day.

Thanks for the positive comments on my riding, makes it worth while making videos to hear people say they enjoy watching them.

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