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3 Different Slate2 Builds


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Wow !

Both of them are great ! (especially the first !)

How much they weight ?

And where do you get a carbon brake lever (rear brake) ?

RB designs lever...I think that version is the older style? Although you can get hold of them here : braking stuff

Bikes look lush, incredible spec on all, pretty dengtastic. Gone are the days when that meant 11kg+ though :)

Love the gold slate2 so much......really want one to replace the Coustellier :(

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I can't wait mine! Just waiting for a frame/forks and baby will be done! They look lush! So Kevin, colour of your slate2 is not in production (or is it) how did you get it? I though they only did green, silver and gold?

Just realized it is a painjob of rockman Akali! How the hell? :blink: Why did you go for a smaller rotor? 160's are poo on stocks!

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What frame is that on the first pic? It looks like a rockman akali.. but stock?!

Sorry about bumping the old topic, found a link for it in another topic :P

That first frame is a Slate. Indeed, it is custom painted in the Akali paint. He's a distributor for Rockman and has some good pull with them. Rockman has done some custom paint jobs on the Kortz II also for a few guys.

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Hey all,

All 3 Rockman Slate 2's are really nice, i particularly like the 3rd one in Silver, looks soo slick.

I was just wandering what you all thought about the Rockman ISIS as i am considering buying one as my new bike

but am not sure of how it compares to say the SpeedRace Fans 26" which costs slightly more.

Would i be better to pay a bit more money and get a Fans ?

Any comments / suggestions greatly appreciated.


P.S. Kevin your videos from wherestheseat.com are brilliant i particularly like the latest one "Episode 8", the music

seems to really suit the videos which are really inspiring, some of the best videos seen on the forum in a long

while, keep up the good work.

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