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Going On Holiday This Year?


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So, got a summer or even winter holiday booked this year? Let us know where you're going, when you're going, how long for? Who with? Don't forget to post some pics of your hols after you have been on them!


Me and the missus have a cruise booked on Royal Caribbean around med in June. Can't wait :D

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Always good to take part in your own topic...

Personally I'm currently deciding where to go and when with the missus. We're either thinking Florida in September for a week because it's basically free except the flights, or Bulgaria some time sooner because I need to get away ASAP and it's like 50p a pint.

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Driving to the south of France and maybe Barcelona with 2 mates, then coming back up the French coast with some sort of surfing intention. Whether that will happen is less than likely.

Probably some sort of snow holiday too if finances allow. Austria maybe.

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Driving up to Scotland with family. Gotta love a bit of Scotland.

This aswell. Where in scotland?

My grandparents live in the southwest of Scotland way out on a peninsula in the middle of nowhere. It's absolute bliss to get away from everybody for a week or so.

You get no mobile signal, no mobile internet network at all. They don't have wireless internet to connect through and the dial up is infuriatingly slow so we never use it anyway.

Gotta drive 20 miles to the next town and stand in the right spot if you wanna get signal.

It sounds like it'd be frustrating, but SO GOOD!

Other than that, I'm debating Leeds and Download fest (not really holidays) and tarty days.

If I can afford to, I might go to Ireland and have a look around where my grandad grew up.

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Holidays for me this year are pretty much all festivals haha.

Goin Outlook festival in September. It's a massive dub/dubstep/reggae/roots/d&b/hip hop festival in an abandoned fort on the coast of Croatia so should be immense!

Then maybe Sun&Bass (deep d&b in Sardinia).

Playing a set at Beach Break, hyyype!

Amsterdam for a mates 21st.

Going on a roadtrip round wales just for urbex/camping/drinking/blazing/driving good times with a few mates.

Then we'll probably sort out some spur of the moment stuff as well, should be a massive (but very skint :lol:) summer!

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Linlithgow, it's pretty close to Edinburgh so don't get those reception problems.

My mums family lives there so it's one of those 'let's see the family' holidays.

But get to bring bike so should be better this time :)

I don't see the lack of reception a problem thankfully :rolleyes:

I get to make my own way up which is awesome, Nice relaxing 400 miles.

Taking the bike up with me too, there's a lot of awesome natural around the Oban area

I'll stop hijacking now :-

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goin ibiza in july with mates. then some more chilled out mates an me are hoping to go sharm el sheikh in late august/early september, although thats up in the air, as atm its the 4 of us that went france and then maybe some others, but the others arent confirmed as of yet.

then i either want to do canada for 2 weeks in january again(as it was boss this year), or mexico for spring break in march. ~

Of course if sharm el sheikh falls through, then ive got 4 weeks leave. which means i can do both of the above. or do canada for a month, or possibly sack them both off an hit australia for a month.

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