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Heatsink Vees, Just To Darn Big?


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Befor i go sanding away half of my pads, has anybody else discoverd a cure?, im using an echo tr front rim, nothing to wide, but its literally impossible to set up, not i haven't had my hands on a bike for a long time, and i just want to make sure im not forgetting somthing painfully ovious here?

cheers guys

p.s yes ive messed with the spacers before anyone says lol.

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Or if you'd rather spend more money than sand some away - try and get hold of some Tensile Offset Mounts.

It's a V-brake not HS33, this won't work.

If your running your V-brake on adaptors (HS33 to V-brake) have you tried the Onza adaptors, as these have different width settings.


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