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Magura Master Cylinder Piston


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Hello all,

Right! After snapping my second magura lever I got a replacement....

Just need to fit everything and re-bleed....but once again the piston in the master cylinder will not run smoothly, I spent about 3hours today trying to find ways for it to run smooth!

The last one I fixed went from being stuck to miracally popping out and running smooth after a couple of hours in wd40...this time it hasn't seemed to work.

Any ideas?? What is the correct way to install the piston?


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Iv'e had this problem as well,

I put a bit of wd 40 on the plastic piston thing and it moved with out a problem. (Y)

hope it works for you, (if you try it) :P

edit oh didnt read the last bit :$

still it usually works but if not probably need a new one like big man said.

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Do you have the tpa adjusted right off when you're bleeding the brake?


the sanding option looks my only hope at the minute, shouldn't be necessary though....why would the piston need replacing? It's not like it's worn inside the lever....


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This is what someone replied with from the Magura Forum:

Hi Steve,

the brake should lube itself, so essentially all you'd have to do to keep it running smooth is just use the brake. Apparently this doesn't work in your case. Has the piston always been running heavily or is it something that developed over time? You could have your mechanic take a look at it as my hint above doesn't work for you. But by no means remove the piston as you won't be able to properly reinstall it. It has a lip seal that will flip if you try. If your piston already come out, you could give it a shot by rotating the piston while you insert it, as if you thread it in like a bolt. Still, chances of success are very small.



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