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Help- Can'T Make Up My Mind! (Take 2)


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Well, it boils down to two 26" stock finalists... and i can't decide!

(and i've got 2 days to make up my mind, tops)

On the right Corner - Zoo Pitbull


Chris king rear hub.

Echo urban forks,

Middleburn cranks with Koxx bottom bracket

. Echo stem and Zoo bars,

Magura front disc w

Magura rear hs33 rim brake

Koxx tyres and rear Koxx rim, front Mavric wheel.

On the left corner: Zona Zenith

Tensile 96 click Free wheel

Tensile Single speed kit

Tensile CNC Crankset

Magura Hs33 brakes

Onza FLY guy Alloy fork

Cane Creek C2 Headset and Onza Isis Bottom Bracket

Legendary Hog pierced front and rear Rims on Onza sealed hubs

Tried the Pitbull and loved the frame. Never seen a zenith though.

Specs are both top notch. The only noticable difference is the Chris King hub VS the Tensile FFW. (Which is better?)

Considering the lame paint job on the Zenith (Who said "WordArt?")- the pitbull looks better. But i'll strip the paint anyway.

(Plus - i live in Israel, and in Hebrew, "Zona" means " Wh#re ". So if you thought avoiding all the "Where's your seat???" comments was tough... think again)

My heart is leaning towards the Zoo, but its mostly cuz i know how good it is, while the Zona is a big unknown... So, am i missing something? Can anyone share any experience about the Zenith?



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Well, the verdict was unpredictable...

Im going with the (*drums please....*)

Onza Zoot (2009).

Something came up with shipping prices, so its seems like the Pitbull is out of my budget.

Then it was left out to a 2007 Toxsin VS. Onza zoot

The toxsin is uber long... 390 chainstays and 1090wb.

While the Onza just seems more... naughty :)

The specs on the Toxsin are top notch, but the onza has all the needed upgrades (bb, cranks, stem etc....) so it doesnt fall too far behind.

I have been riding trials for a while, so im not a total newbie, but i still want a bike to help me progress faster. Guess this is why i think i'll go with the Onza... simply because it looks more nimble. (plus, im super curious about it!)

Am i being a total idiot here...? :)



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Zona frame by far...but Zoo for the spec :)

Edit: I wouldn't buy a complete zoot personally...and those Tosxin frames don't look particularly inspiring to ride

Any chance of getting that Zenith off ebay?

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Well, neither the Zenith nor the Zoot are an option anymore (zenith is priced too high, Onza was sold a second before i took it)

So im either gonna go for the Toxsin, or wait for something else.

Im just having doubts about the toxsin frames. Cant find any decent reviews on them, and they dont looks too "inspiring" to ride.

Its tough to judge just by looking at it though.

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Nם thanks, im a Stock guy...

Been riding stock for a long time, cant imagine getting a mod. besides, most of my riding is AM and XC riding, and i've been riding for over 10 years, so im totally used to 26" by now.

About the pitbull... sorry, but i dont feel comfortable saying prices for other people. Thats something to ask the seller :ermm:

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Thanks, its good to hear some solid opinion.

Could you compare them to frames like the Zoo/Echo?

Having ridden the JackFlash for the past 2 years, i realized i also like to flow stuff. i.e - bunnyhops, spins etc... The Toxsin simply strike me as being very long.

I cant even find decent pictures of it online :angry:

(only pictures taken from an angle, which you cant see the frame angles from)

....got any?


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