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A Bike I Have Seen?

Desmond Derv

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Ok, so I have seen this bike on eBay which I think is going for around £30 - £40 mark at the moment he lives locally to me which is a ++ but....

he isn't very descriptive about the product on sale, just says there is a welded 'reinforced' section (see pic) and I was just wondering is this a no-go sort of thing or anyone recon is ok as its cheap and it's a starter bike?

cheers dez'

Picture with the 'reinforced section'


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Ha ha neat, was wondering if there were any local riders, real name is Mark Harker, I live top of cross hills.

I wasn't sure if it was a sound buy, so will keep searching the bay :) and if I can get a few more pennies a guy on the forum has a Zona Zip for sale but its 100 mile away so can’t afford it as yet :(

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You can get second hand trials bike so cheap nowadays I would not touch that with a barge pole. The size of the weld that has been put on either indicates that someone who had no clue what they were doing did it or the frame was properly knackered before hand and it was necessary.

Unless its a fiver you'd be mad to buy it!

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Well theres 2 days left so might go up a bit, he doesnt say what else is on it and no other pics,

He says 'The rear hydraulic brake needs attention but otherwise all in good order'

Its one to keep in mind I guess but for now I'll keep searching.

Cheers for the help (Y)

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