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I have magura hs33 they were originally bled with magura blood when i got them on my bike, but they felt a bit spongy. So I tried water bleeding in a bath. Yet still the lever nearly touches the bars.

I have put all the TPA all the way to the + but makes no difference.

Maybe its my bleeding method?

How long am i meant to bleed them for, iv been doing it till no bubbles can be seen but this obviously isn't working?



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Yeah, I just dont want to clog up trials chat with a subject like this.

Is it easier to bleed with syringes? Or do you you know anywhere i cant get a guide on how to do it?


I find it easier to do with syringe. Quick job, Litrually took me a minute to undo bolts stick my syringe thing on and then bleed it through :).

There isnt really a technique to it. I find if you put the lever at a 45degree angle facing upwards it does it better with syringe. Bleed from bottom :)

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Turn TPA all the way off.

Take out both bleed bolts.

Finger over piston, pull lever all way in.

While lever all way in, move finger from piston to lever bleed hole.

let go off lever.

Repeat until no air comes out.

Flick the hosing and pump a few times to release trapped air.

Put bleed bolts back in, tighten up.

Sorted :)

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