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Super Bargain!


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Very wobbly!

iPhone is prob better.

Is much better with a tripod, robbed my sister in laws for it the other day and works a treat but may buy one of them ones with the bendy legs for balancing on walls and stuff!

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Dammit, I come to order one and all the offers seem to have expired! has anybody spied it anywhere else?

Its still on offer on amazon. Got mine last week, bloody brilliant bit of kit for 50 quid. Quality of video is rather good, just need a gorillapod now.

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Not sure how I missed that, was a bit tired last night!

Sweet, ordering mine now :D

Haha. Uploading a sample to vimeo now, so impressed, although a tripod is needed more than ever due to my extreme shakes.

Edit: Better to watch with HD on, as looks shite without.

Sample 1


Sample 2


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i filmed this with mine, it's not to good without a tripod, but it's easy to budget one in at a silly low price. why do you have to bitch so much mr motivator? if it's not good enough for you, go shell out three figures for something better, but for cheeky amateur videos it's pretty damn awesome.

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Mine just arrived, not got time to give it a proper test before work but it looks like a quality bit of kit, was well impressed to find rechargeable batteries and A CHARGER in the box, I can't remember the last time I bought something like this that was literally ready to go from the box

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