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Bristol Night Ride


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So the news on the street is that the newbury big doggs are going to be rippin' and reppin' the ghetto of bristol from 5pm on wednesday night.

until around 9.30 - 10.00 So if anyone is around and fancies joining us please do


take it easy

Aye i might be about for that, i'll see who else is about.

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phill when do you get back from Geurnsey?

me and woody are still up for this, i should have a siqq new front brake too :D

I'm flying back tuesday night, i've got to go to southampton wednesday but should hopefully be back in newbury around 4, then straight to bristol :D

happy days

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Morning guys,

I live in Bristol but won't be coming out for this ride.

I haven't rode for 4 or 5 years now as I moved away from town and couldn't really ride my bike anywhere but have been building a bike over the last couple of months ready for the summer.

My bike is nearly completed and I'm just waiting for the front disc rotor.

Basically please keep me in mind next time your in Bristol as most of the guys I used to ride with don't any more :( .

I live in town so if it's cool, let us know when/if your down next time and I'll come and meet up with you?



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