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Quality Hope Part


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Looks like the ratchet's stripped. You sent it to us instead of Hope, but we've forwarded it on for you.

Yeah sent it to you.

Might be buyin a 15 tooth King Kog. and some replacement nipples for when i build it back up.

Have been using an echo front freewheel off my brothers bike. That is skipping now lol.

Want a 15 tooth cog because i have found that i can gap a foot further with 1 tooth less.


Any ideas when that will be ready??

unlucky there nick... aint i rode with you before? at bens place?

Yeah think i did ride with you at the unit.

You will have to ride Burton some time..

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You've stripped the drive ring. I did it on mine too, but hope being hope sorted it super fast.

Yep you was right.

Got the hub back this morning. They have replaced everything nearly. They even swapped the old freehub bearings for the newer needle type.

Sounds mint and can't wait to try it out..

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