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Crank Woble


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Have been using some echo sl cnc cranks and a try all bottom bracket. I have always torqued these up after every 10 or so rides and used thread lock so they never were able to become loose. Have been riding them for around 6 months or so.

Was riding today and felt my pedals wobbling a little got off to check and found that I could easily move the crank from side to side with my hand a couple of mm. took the crank off and found the bb where the cranks sits a little bit crushed.

Am I going to have to fork out for new cranks and bb or is there anything I can do ?

Thank you Luke

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No thats to space your free wheel away from your bashplate.

You need a BB axle spacer, something similar to...

this, http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?PartnerID=79&ModelID=34981

That will make the wobble worse. ISIS cranks have a 1 degree taper, so moving it outboard along the axle will make the crank fit LESS tightly, therefore round off even more quickly.

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