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Front To Rear Wheel Swaps ?


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Hi guys

i have been trying to get my head round this technique for a while and i am really struggling with it i just cant seem to get the bike forward quick enough to complete the move and usually end up as a heap of bike and person on the floor ! would changing from a 90 mm 10 degree rise to say a100 or 115 mm with a bigger rise help or am i being a bad workman and blaming my tools ?

any advise would be greatly appreciated !

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I learnt this 2 days ago :)

I had ago on my friends high spec limey 320 and tryed it on that and somehow I did it first time.

But when I tryed it on my low spec t pro it feels ALOT different. So it could be your bike restricting you?

I can do it now but I did it by starting small, doing a small wheelie up it, holding the front brake, but then when you drop onto your back wheel, when you halfway down I transfer my body weight to a hop to the back wheel, and then pushing on the cranks to lift the bike up.

Hope this helps :)

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Hi I have found that if you use a paving slab or something of equal ish length and do an endo then try and force your back wheel down and lift your bars up your rear wheel will nine times out of ten land where your front wheel was then its just a case of practice practice practice and move on to smaller higher objects

dont blame the bike it will hurt you :lol: .

Hope this helped. :D

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