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What Rim Brakes? Maggi Or Echo

Desmond Derv

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Ok, my bike has the stock v brake and today when I was trying to get my bike on the back wheel it kept slipping like hell, the cables have been tinkered with so it's only a few mm away from the rim and a nice squeeze stops me dead but when I try ge my first pedalup started it just slips.

I am thinking about buying a good hydrolic rim for the rear but I'm not sure about echo's 'version' of the hs33 it's a few quid cheaper and I love the look of the red one (will match my other red buts lol) but is it a cop out? Is there a reason 90% of folk use hs33 and not echo?

Also any hints or ideas on a good but fairly cheap front hydrolic caliper for disc? Got a cable for now but might aswell upgrade at some point lol.

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