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Pashley 26 Mhz


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So I've not ridden trials in about 2 years now, the bug was slowly eating away at the back of my head to get back into it so I decided to build up my old old steed and get back on it!

And here's what I created...





Quick spec:

Frame n' Forks - Pashley + Pashley

Echo Urban Rims - rear Hope Pro 2 Trials

XTR Levers - Avid 7 rear with Heatsink Reds and Echo Booster - Avid 5 Front - random pads

Not really had chance to go for a ride on it yet, might go out for a spin today if I get chance, also now living in London where I've not ridden before so hopefully get out on a ride with others someday, or if anyone's up for a ride some time give us a shout!

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Yeah can't say I've seen anyone riding around in the local area but as you say the city seems a good option, if I jump on the train I'm at London Bridge in 20 mins which gives me all of South Banks area to play with...

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Looks great two lads used to ride them when i was growing up. Both of them snapped them and so pashley replaced the frames and as a favour did them in cream. They were the only two in the country that colour. I could only dream of such a bike back in the day!

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Cheers for the comments guys!

I had this frame built up about 4 years ago, managed to put 2 cranks in it but had them welded up and its been sweet ever since. Took it out for a little spin today and it rides pretty nice [still getting used to actually riding trials again] hopefully I'll be riding more soon so I can put it through its paces...

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