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2010 Meta Vtt2 Expert Spec


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this bike just looks beautiful. i am really happy with the way this build turned out.

















Frame : 2010 Meta VTT2

Headset : 2010 Echo TR

Stem : Rockman 125x25 Forged

Bar : 2010 Rockman Silver

Fork : Echo SL

Front brake : 180mm Hope Mono Trials

Rear brake : 2010 Echo TR

Cranks : 2010 Echo SL

Freewheel : Echo SL 108pt engagement

Bash : Echo SL

Pedal : Echo TR

Front rim : Neon CNC

Front hub : Echo TR

Rear rim: Neon CNC

Rear hub: Echo TR

Front tire : Kenda Nevegal 2.1 folding

Rear tire : Maxxis Minion 2.5 Super Tacky 42a

bottom bracket : First Components

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hotness......ive 3/4 built mine up just waiting on some bits n pieces, blue too and i reckon the best colour out of the 3. Was gonna ask immediately before iu saw ur specs as to what rear rim that was....is it single wall? front rim looks like a trialtech sq hole! did u have to change to smaller hub spacers to run the cams on the inside? i had to get shorter spacers for my rear trialtech hub for this reason to run cams on the 10mm guts on the inside, which is why i ask. Tyre clearance? how u running... further back than halfway on the horizontal dropouts to clear ur tyre? u should see mine with a rubber queen (and anyone consideringrunning this frame with one) im waiting on the cams but clearance looks like a bitch to the bb, will be running close to the end of my horiz dropouts.....is that a bad things in terms of strengh on these frames?

Looks real lush

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again, looks lush. they ti echo cams? did u get tension sweet or need a half link? Im 9/10ths through finishing my build too, mist forks coming tomorrow and shes done :) Bring it to melbourne AU buddy, there is a clan of us here who all snapped up the shipment quick :) Got a mate selling a blue one too if anyone is interested, pm me. Hes gone with a slate II so this has only been touched, nothing mounted to it. Can get u in touch with him if interested

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