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Off Road In Surrey.

Nick Manning

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I've just got myself a mountain bike, a Boardman Pro HT and I want find some places to go off road riding. I've searched the net, but not found alot other than clubs and on road cycle routes.

I live in Addlestone, Surrey, so ideally looking for places not too far from there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: If there are any people who go mountain biking in Surrey, any chance I can tag along.



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You are very close to Swinley Forest, Swinley is awesome if you know where to go!

Esher Shore is also just down the road although admittedly it doesn't sound like the sort of riding you're after.

I am sure locals will know of other places but those are the 2 I thought of as soon as I looked on google maps...

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...I live in Addlestone, Surrey...

Oh Goddamnit ! Back when I lived in the U.K and the cycling / trials bug bit me I lived in Byfleet - just down the road . Not much help I'm afraid , but I would have killed for some riding buddies .

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