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My New Bike


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Just built up a mod and im loving it, spec and pics are below




Frame and Forks

- Frame: Onza Skull

- Forks: Echo SL, Disc, Silver


- Front hub: Echo TR Disc

- Rear hub: Onza

- Front rim: Echo TR

- Rear rim: Monty

- Front tyre: Monty white line

- Rear tyre: Echo


- Front brake lever: Hope mono trials 180mm

- Rear brake: 04 Magura


- Cranks: Echo CNC

- Freewheel: Echo SL 18T, 108 engagement

- Chain: KMC kool

- Rear Sprocket: Trialtech 13T Screw On

- Pedals: Azonic

- Bottom bracket: Viz 127.5

- Bashring: Echo tr


- Headset: Echo SL

- Stem: Try-All Race

- Grips: Club roost

- Handlebars: Trialtech high rise


Wheelbase: 1005mm

Chainstay Length: 350mm

BB Rise: 55mm

Head Angle: 72 degrees

Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 605mm (23.75")

Thankyou to Matt Vandart

Hope you like

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Feckin ell,my last skull (not this frame) weighed in the low 8kg region, where have you gained 1kg+ I do wonder.

Not that it matters mind 9.3 is still light like, just wondering out loud.

Front rim, rear hub and pedles as far as i can see. the rear tyre was the lightest when i bought it, its not now try have released their new tyre.

What was the spec?

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