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I've just been out riding in the extreme heat for a few hours. Had an amazing ride did nearly everything bigger. Was ace!

I like to think i'm a very smooth riding, but the way my 'good ride' was going i went a bit too big for my ability and got a pinch.

Basically i want to know if i can just use a tesco 20" tube on my 19" rim. I'm not bother if they are weak it's very rare for me to pinch :ermm:


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Yep, standard 20 inch inner tubes are fine in 19" wheels.

The only disadvantage they have over say a Monty innertube or Kenda DH is that they are wider, so the standard innertube being thinner, has to expand more to fill the width of a 2.5/2.6 tyre, which makes the tube a bit thinner due to this stretch.

Long and short. Standard 20" innertubes are slightly thinner than monty ones.

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