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Hope Lever Weirdness

Matt Vandart

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Wow that guy was weird............................

Anyway, a strange thing has started happening with my hope lever (standard jobbie)

When you pull the lever in it returns but at the last couple of degrees stops, when you poke it just a touch it 'clicks' out to fullness.

Ant ideas?

It is not affecting the brakes performance just a bit bugging.

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... And the pistons with DOT fluid.

By that you mean brake fluid?.. If so its amazingly corrosive and a big no no to use a lubricant..

More on topic my lever clicked and creaked, lubing it with some silicone spray or such like works a treat. If you cant be arsed to buy anything sun flower oil a good choice (Y)

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All the piston seals in Hope brakes are designed to be lubricated with DOT fluid - given the brake is filled with the stuff it'd be a bit daft to spec materials corroded by it for seals (Though that didn't stop Formula doing it a few years ago)... Keep it off your paintwork though...

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