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My Super Ghetto 26"


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After riding unicycle trials for a few years I have finally been persuaded by my trials riding mates to give biking a go.

I had an old Saracen in the shed and not wanting to spend much money, I put it into commission B)

Being completely skint I had to make do with what I had, so I drilled out my cranks and cut them down to fit the chainring. I turned the mech hanger into some sort of tensioner, fitted some new tyres, changed the forks and it was ready for action!



After: (Before I made the tensioner)




I've never ridden bike trials before except the odd go on one of my mates mod bikes. Its really fun! I like rolling stuff on the big wheels.





So, thats my ultra pikey 26" beast.

Im taking bets on how long until something breaks and I get f**ked up :D


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Haha, cheers guys.

Thought I was gonna get majorly slated :lol:

The rear brake is so crap and I don't trust it at all. I've got a HS33 to go on, just need to extend the hose. Also got a stem coming so hopefully that'll make it easier to lift the front end. It could also do with wider bars but with literally no more left to spend, im gonna have to get used to it how it is.

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Awesome stuff, good to see you making the most of what you've got! I'd try and get your hands on a better rear hub thou, I start 'trials' on a saracen very similar, an within like a month the rear hub was nackered. I'd try and get a pro2 or something, or even a freewheel an a DMR revolver, I had the dmr revolver setup for years an it was awesome.

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This was my first mtb steed before i got into trials around the time when Martyn Ashton, performed his debut solo demo with new sponsors Animal and showcasing his Justice bike which kick-started the seat-less trials bike trend.

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