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just wondered what people think of the standard 1/8th headsets ...... which ones are good and which are bad,

i have an echo headset the slightly older one with the larger cups but its died after 3 months use, was considering getting another but the cups are slightly smaller so not convinced ..

also looking at the neon bow 2010 ones at £35 ... anyone tried one yet?


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I've got the current echo TR headset, I love it. No problems at all

Then again, I'm no basher that does loads of heavy gaps to front. But it feels quality to me, and I think it looks better than the old ones with the mahoosive cups

yeah thats the problem.. i weigh 18 stone and my gaps to front are getting bigger and bigger each week... the bearings have just locked up in my echo's bottom cup. do like the look of the echos though

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thats one crazy headset... trust you to find that ogre.hows the urban anyways?

Id defently go for the hope headset (Y)

would do but moneys a bit tight ... about 40 squid tops i reckon

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I am running one of the new Echo SL headsets and it has been very good, I would recomend one, and i am Alot heavier than you........


lol cheers bigman ... I think the echo is still top of my list to be fair

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We all run the SLs here and they seem to be working fine. I've got one on my 24, Stan's got one on his 24 and his Sky, Adam's got them on whichever bike he happens to be riding at the time (:P), and I think even Ali's got one on his compy bike. All good (Y)

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Truth be told, the unsealed Cane Creek £8 job on Tarty is great.

I ran one for 18 months without issue, then got a new frame with a King headset in, so I wasn't exactly gonna downgrade :P

Josh has been running one for around 2 years as well, now.

If you want sealed - I'd say a Pig Pro. Got one on the Leeson that is as old as the frame, I suspect. Still smooth as new.


Edit: Just browsing CRC... they do a sealed headset for a tenner?! http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=17224

Wow. Interested to see if they're any good :P

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If I had £40 to spend on a headset I'd look at one of these two.



Both really good headsets, infact I think I'll be buying a Syncros for my XC bike. It's a steal for £25

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