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Zoo Or Onza T-Pro


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Hi all

As I've got some cash together to buy my first bike I was looking at buying a used Onza T-pro, these seem to go from £150 upwards.

After looking at the new listings tonight, we've found the following


Which would be the best for newbie to learn on.

Cheers Matty

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T-Pro frames are epic, it all the other shit on there that is restrictive.

+1 t-pros are amazing frames ,cheap, strong,light,amazing geo

iv had zonas czars adamants etc and and t-pros are by far the best frame iv had

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zoo's are very strong but t-pro's are very light t-pros are a very good bike too begin with and zoo's are a bike fir people that have benn riding a while because they are a little bit more exspencesive ans you will put dents in it ans stuff so you dont want to be paying a lot for a bike that will be bumped about soo up to ypou mate :)

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