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To Help New Riders With Changing Frames?


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Basically did this today, and no I'm drunk was wondering wether you guys think its worth completing the whole video, or if I'm just wasting my time trying to help, tryed to make it a raw footage as possible and talk my way though shit, what do you think?

Vimeo Video -> Original Video
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Pretty good that. In a ghetto sort of way.

Raw footage was ok, couldn't help thinking the camera positioning could be edited out but it does give you time to talk/shows continuity so not really a problem.

A full set of these would be great, either in the wiki or in NMC, if you go into a little more detail when assembling things like brakes and bb it will help a lot of the less mechanical/noobs out

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Raw tutorial footage at its finest (Y) Despite the shaky camerawork positioning, though fair play to Simpson due to limited working space, it was good because it gives the viewer a realtime sense of servicing your bike with limited tools at your leisure unlike the tartybike video tutorials (which are great by the way) where everything is all pre set-up and they have the pro tools of the trade. So yeah this vid is deffo more in touch with the real world of bike maintenance where some of us don't have the luxury of a pro tool set up, or know a friend who works at a bike shop that will sort your bike out free of charge, or just can't always afford to pay a pro mechanic and just wanna Do-it-yourself raw stylio (Y)

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i dont have a hammer so im using this adjustable screwdriver.


Yea I made a few vocal mistakes but I'm not used to "presenting" stuff and it was a bit of a.... hey.... this could be a good idea spur of the moment thing, I'll finish it and see if people use it :) Because stripping and building a bike included so many of the topics that people have to vocally explain on here instead of showing.

I think that's a proper good idea, I was gonna whine about language and young riders but who gives a f**k.

You mean the swearing? Yea sorry about that its just how I talk I'll try to refrain from it in the next few parts lol

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