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Marino Frames


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Hi Mate,

I recently got my Marino through the post from Peru. I had so much trouble with the money transfer but managed to get through it eventually. Use xoom.com NOT Western Union, and for Xoom you will almost definitely need a credit card (debit or electron don't work) I only had to pay a transfer fee of £12 which isn't bad considering!

Marino emailed me within 10 minutes of the transfer telling me he had the cash and would get to work on the frame straight away. By that evening I had a few pictures of the first welded tubes from the Geometry I gave him to build. 4 weeks later I had my frame exactly as I wanted it in the perfect colour. There are a few quality control issues like one of the tubes in the rear triangle is slightly out of line but it's literally 0.8mm. Also had to sandpaper the headtube for an hour or so to get the headset in with a ParkTool press. Aside from that it seems like agreat quality frame, very light and stiff and good quality welds.

I know many people have ordered with no problems and Marino seems like a great guy; always emails back straight away and does his best to help with transfers etc. What you get is WELL worth the ridiculously low price you pay. They may not last as long as other frames but at 1/2 even 1/4 the price who cares!


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Thanks for your fast reply!One last question though,the frame is made of aluminium?

Marino only do steel at the moment. Hi-ten, as well, I think.

Are they personalized frames? You give them a geo' they make it kinda thing?

Marino can do that, yes.

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