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Need Mech Hanger Advice


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hi everyone, i recently got rid of my gears due to bending and also threw away my mech hanger, i now have bought a new back wheel and need a tensioner to fit my chain because i have vertical dropouts. i do not now what mech hanger i need, if anyone can help me it would be much appriciated due to me being able to ride again. :rolleyes:

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yeah sorry i forgot, its a DiamondBack Tekya.

hi I had pretty much the same problem only mine snapped, your best bet is probaby to give tarty a ring and they should be able to sort you out with a new one, failing that ebay if you know what model it is your after.

hope this helps you.biggrin.gif

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yeah i have and cos it isnt really a well known make of trials they advised me to go to mountainbikecomponents.co.uk and they have loads but i just cant seem to find out what model mine is.

thanks for the help

Ok have you tried emailing diamondback and seeing if they could send you out a new one?

Or even getting them to give you the model letter so you can find a new one?

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