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oh my god! Screenshots From Kon$Tantin! O_O!


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The roof he's going to in the dropgap pic looks like it'd give way if a cat walked across it, let alone landing on it from 15' away...

he probably knew better than you if that roof will hold it or not ;)

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last drop gap.....what if his chain snaps ??????? lol

he dies

knew this guy was good soon as i saw the first video, could tell he had the urge to make a big name for himself and be the best he can

big up big up.............jungle is masssive

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Dear Ben,

In Russia we don't use fish eye lenses as in England for shift aspect ratio.

So, all you could see here - is really trought

If in your vision sidehop higher than handlebar in standing on rear wheel is tiny, so I'm really sorry about it. THat sidehop is about 140cm.

Video will be ready next week I think.

Kon$tantin found more spots and deсide to add it to video, so now video is still in filming level.)

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hey man, no i didnt mean the stuff isnt big. The riding is MASSIVE, and i am looking forward to a video that is edited to the same brilliance as the riding hopefully. However what i meant is that wheels look like this


instead of looking like this


so the ratio size in my opinion is wrong. I hope you understand what i mean. if not then i guess its lost in translation and i will tell you now that i know the riding is big, and i look forward to the video.

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