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Front Roll Thingy...


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Hey guys,

Another trick i need help with today is when you sort of pull an endo, let go off the front brake then roll backwards, im not sure if you have to endo though. Its like in the vid of Danny Macaskill in chamonix where he is going backwards down that hill on his front wheel!!

so it seems a really hard trick, everytime i try it i end up going forwards, even going up a hill!

So anybody able to do this trick, can you help?? i cant find it on trashzen.

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I would guess you need to get up to balancing point or just over, then start to roll back and dab the front brake to stop you going over the bars. I can do stoppies going forwards, but haven't tried them rolling backwards down slopes.

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You don't use your front brake to get the back wheel up. Best way I've found to give it a try is to roll up a hill, stop the bike and start rolling backwards, then throw all your weight over the front. You then need to find your balance point and as has been said, dab the front brake to keep you from going over the bars.

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