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Creaking Headset


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My headset creaks when I pull on the front brake and pressure is applyed to it, does anyone know how to stop this?


Undo the to clamp bolts on the back of the stem.

Undo the bolt on the top cap.

Take the stem off.

Take headset spacer (If you have them.) off.

If unsealed: Remove bearings from the headset, clean grease and replace.

If sealed: Clean any visible dirt put a small smear of grease around the seals.

Replace everything.

Before tightening the clamp bolts on the stem tighten the top cap, apply your front brake and rock the bike backwards and forwards the forks shouldn't move, if they do tighten the top cap bolt more, stop immediatley after the forks stop moving but not before hand, over tightening will damage your bearings and make steering impossiable.

Tighten the clamp bolts of the back of the stem, finished.

If the bearings are broken replace "Clean the bearings" with "Buy new bearings."

That should solve it, if not the headset cups could me moving in the frame and you may have a flared headtube.

Or there could be a crack in your forks.

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