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Time For A New Hd Camcorder


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I have a budget of £200, and there is lots of HD camcorders out there!

Hence why i have came 'ere to ask.

If anyone can suggests any camcorders around my budget with a link of a video with the quality?

When I mean a video, I mean some thing like a trials, bmx or free running video,

So I can see on how it performs with fast movements light and dark areas.

For example:

Toshiba x100 £240 (Tescos)

At the time of writing this I have seen a toshiba x100.

Yeah I know its £240 but I can add a bit more cash to it but that might be the maximum I can do.

Also I have a tri pod so it must be able to connect to it!

Many thanks


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That kodak is 1080p but it's not good 1080p. Though it will prove a good base for comparison when he gets a real one.

Okay, so the things you need to look for in a decent camcorder are low light capabilities, optical zoom, image stabilisation (digital okay, optical better), auto/manual focus, battery life, storage capacity, sensor quality, menu navigation, screen size and compatibility.

I'll be straight, £200 won't get you something that'll shoot videos of similar quality to the tartybikes and TRA videos. The depth of field with them can only be achieved using an SLR body unless your wanting to spend several thousands of pounds on a very high quality camcorder. They also use a lot of manual focus which tends to only be used easily on cameras around the £400-500 range. The good news is you will be able to get a camera of much higher image quality than the one shown above. The above kodak pocket cam records at a fairly low bitrate so the detail isn't as clear as most traditional style camcorders. The sensor is also smaller so with the pocket camera the difference between 720p and 1080p is hardly even noticeable.

For £200 you can pick up something with 20x optical zoom, a spotlight for night/low level shots, more customisation in terms of image and camera control, a bigger sensor (so more likely to record at a bitrate of around 24mbps) and better image stabilisation.

I just recently picked up an Everio HM200 by JVC for £200 at my local currys. It's okay, much better image quality than any pocket camera but sadly lacking some of the features that the more expensive ones have. The manual focussing is fiddly at best as it relies on the use of the less than accurate touch sensor scroll bar to operate it. The low light quality is okay, not brilliant, but it has a lot of control over the recording settings allowing you to get a brighter picture in a dark room at the sacrifice of image noise or motion blur.

Basically all £200 cameras are going to have roughly the same features, so pick one from a reliable manufacturer and get out there using it. If you're after a really serious bit of kit though the £600 canon models are pretty good and offer things like manual focussing dials as well as better low light recording functions. Though obviously you'll have to save a bit more for that.

This one is also worth a look and can be found cheaper than this online.

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This one is also worth a look and can be found cheaper than this online.

The Panasonic I just typed it into youtube. It looks amazing! I can remember the T.V advert for it now (It's the 'lil' kid who does the footjam tailwhip.)

It is abit over my budget but I can always save up a bit more.

Is there any other camcorders out there any one would reconmend?

Edit : I just looked at Bronz's video and WOW!



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